Welcome to the website of Entrepreneurs for Future Asia (EFFA)! We stand for a hands-on mentality, an enthusiastic- and fresh type of volunteering. Entrepreneurs of the EFFA foundation contribute to the happiness and well-being of the youth of southeast Asia by organizing and setting up sustainable projects focused on education and sports & games. These projects are characterized by a personal and local approach. Be global, act local!

Education is the first priority when creating a better future perspective for a child. We think that each child is entitled to good education and chances on a bright future must be equal for everyone. Besides education EFFA focuses on sports & games because we believe that sports enriches a child’s youth and has a direct contribution to their happiness.

Entrepreneurs of the EFFA foundation have the freedom to set up projects in a way which they think is most suitable for the particular situation. They are responsible for the project from the beginning till the end. Using the resources and network of the foundation, they organize fundraising events and find sponsors to finance the project. After making a planning about how their project should be carried out, the entrepreneurs go to southeast Asia to realize the project on location. The most important characteristic of the project is that it must be sustainable. This can be achieved by working together with local students, who fulfill an important role in the continuation of the project. For an entrepreneur of the EFFA foundation, setting up a project in southeast Asia is not just ‘a walk in the park’. An EFFA entrepreneur has to be creative, decisively, enterprising and above all, must have a hands-on mentality.

EFFA is an expression of our interest and involvement with the Asian culture. During our journeys throughout southeast Asia we were moved by the fact that a lot of Asian children were born in less privileged circumstances than we were. Due to the lack of humanitarian and educational facilities, these children often don’t have the chance on a bright future. The projects that EFFA sets up, contribute to a better future perspective of the youth of southeast Asia.

With the creation of the EFFA foundation, we want to inspire entrepreneurial students in the Netherlands to use their creativity, hands-on mentality and vigor to set up their own projects with the help of the EFFA foundation. EFFA offers the locations, knowledge and when needed, financial support to realize these projects.

This website is the home of the EFFA foundation. You can find all the information about the foundation, the projects and its entrepreneurs here. The entrepreneurs will keep you updated on the development of their projects with (photo)blogs. You can also follow the developments of our entrepreneurs on our facebook page.

We are two ordinary students from Amsterdam who think that all children have the right to have a bright future. We cannot save the world, but we can make little changes. We hope entrepreneurial students, who want to use their skills for a better future for the youth of southeast Asia, will join the EFFA foundation! Besides that, we want to emphasize that financial help from sponsors and donators is essential in realizing the projects. Together we are strong.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel de Leau and Remco Does

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De Poort Brasserie

Rave & Geef!

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Powered by Mollie: SMS for EFFA

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Work out for EFFA!

This time the EFFA foundation got a generous gift from someone working in the sports industry! Young, […]

8 februari 2013
O'Max Instruments


We are very happy to announce that Lian and Danique received the first donation for their project […]

22 januari 2013
Run for EFFA! Daniel and Remco

Run for EFFA!

EFFA started 2013 in a very active way! On Sunday the 13th of January, a team of […]

2 november 2012

A generous donation from BOFF

Great news! The EFFA Foundation received a generous donation from a close group of friends called BOFF […]

19 september 2012
We are looking for entrepreneurs!

EFFA is looking for new entrepreneurs!

After almost 5 months of hard work on Bali, entrepreneurs Daniel and Remco have turned EFFA’s first […]

11 juni 2012
EFFA Talent Sponsorship Program

1 talent, 1 scholarship, 1 future: the EFFA Talent Sponsorship Program

Despite the fact that most of the orphans are highly motivated and ambitious, they unfortunately often won’t […]

9 juni 2012
Teun giving an English lesson at SoH

We would like to thank entrepreneur Teun Broersen!

Teun was an EFFA entrepreneur for one month. He flew over to Bali to help Remco and […]

19 april 2012
Botlek Stores - Seamen Shops

WIFI for WIFI thanks to the Botlek Stores!

Recently we received great news from one of our sponsors, the Botlek Stores. The Botlek Stores has […]

9 april 2012

Benefietfeest in de SunSeaBar groot succes!

Afgelopen zaterdag was het zover, het eerste grote evenement voor EFFA. SunSeaBar Seasons Opening stond geheel in […]

20 maart 2012

EFFA viert feest in de SunSeaBar!

Beachclub SunSeaBar gaat EFFA steunen. Op zaterdag 7 april vindt er een benefietfeest plaats in de SunSeaBar […]

20 februari 2012

EFFA krijgt ook steun vanuit de bouwsector!

Danny Morsch van Morsch Klussenbedrijf steunt stichting EFFA! Deze kersverse jonge ondernemer uit Castricum sluit zich ook […]

13 februari 2012
Stolwijk Registeraccountants en Belastingadviseurs

Stolwijk Registeraccountants steunt EFFA!

Stichting EFFA heeft er weer een nieuwe sponsor bij! Stolwijk Registeraccountants en Belastingadviseurs heeft een mooie financiële bijdrage […]

7 februari 2012
Pica-Events - Rugby clinics and more...

Ook Pica Events helpt EFFA!

Stichting EFFA vindt steun in Haarlem! Pica Events zal EFFA gaan helpen! Dit jonge en sportieve bedrijf past […]

15 januari 2012
Botlek Stores - Seamen Shops

Botlek Stores steunt Stichting EFFA!

Stichting EFFA heeft er een nieuwe sponsor bij! De Botlek Stores uit Rotterdam vindt het doel waarvoor […]

2 januari 2012
Hans van der Mast Fotografie

Bied nu op een professionele fotoshoot van Hans van der Mast!

Hans van der Mast sponsort Stichting EFFA namens Hans van der Mast Fotografie! Na huisarts Ed de […]

10 december 2011
Huisarts de Leau

EFFA vindt eerste sponsor!

Huisartsenpraktijk de Leau is de eerste sponsor van stichting EFFA! Na een bezoek aan de praktijk en […]

28 november 2011
Stichting EFFA binnenkort online

Stichting EFFA binnenkort online

Het is bijna zover! Dankzij de jongens van Lama Lama en Liz Breider zal de website van EFFA […]

27 november 2011
Lama Lama

Lama Lama druk bezig met de website

De jongens van Lama Lama leggen de laatste hand aan de EFFA website en Facebook pagina. Tot […]