EFFA Talent Sponsorship Program

1 talent, 1 scholarship, 1 future: the EFFA Talent Sponsorship Program

Despite the fact that most of the orphans are highly motivated and ambitious, they unfortunately often won’t get the chance to go to university due to the lack of financial resources. The EFFA Talent Sponsorship Program gives orphans the opportunity to apply for the University of his or her preference. EFFA will grant one scholarship to one of its orphans. Every child who has finished senior high-school and wants to go to university can apply for this scholarship. EFFA foundation will collect the funds to pay the tuition fee of one single orphan. EFFA will fund the entire study program and accompanying costs for transport.

We developed an extensive procedure to select the orphan that will receive the scholarship. During the selection procedure we have taken into account different aspects that are important for succeeding the study; motivation, feasibility and background. The seven orphans whom met the criteria to apply for the program had to fill in a questionnaire in which the aforementioned criteria were examined. Subsequently the orphans were interviewed by Fitri, an Indonesian study counselor, who asked more in depth questions. The interviews were performed in Indonesian so the orphans had the chance to really express themselves. During the interviews all of the orphans were really excited that they had this opportunity and some even got emotional because they never thought university was within their reach. Based on these interviews Fitri wrote a report about every individual orphan.

Based on the questionnaires, interviews and reports one orphan will be selected to receive the scholarship. The final winner of the EFFA Talent Sponsorship will have the chance to enter a study program at his/her preferred University. EFFA will set up a financial plan, together with the winner, to make sure the money is well spent. During this process EFFA will be responsible for the contact with the chosen University. The winner of the scholarship is expected to write a monthly update about his/her progress at the University.

We are currently in the extremely difficult process of analyzing Fitri’s reports and making the final decision. Unfortunately we can only choose one, nevertheless we are glad that through the EFFA Sponsorship Program we can have a huge impact on the future of one of the children. Once the decision is made, the winner will be announced on our website.