A generous donation from BOFF

Great news! The EFFA Foundation received a generous donation from a close group of friends called BOFF (Belangeloze Organisatie Forever Friends). Although the members of BOFF are living spread throughout the Netherlands, they gather multiple times a year. One of the gatherings is the no-kids weekend each september where they, among other things, spend one day working for a non-profit organization (for instance helping disabled people). Besides that, the members of BOFF each propose a charitable organization, which is eligible for their collective donation. A part of the annual budget of BOFF is donated to a small charitable organization that is chosen democratically out of all the proposed charities. Some important conditions are, that the charity has clear objectives and have shown a concrete implementation of these objectives. We are happy to announce that the EFFA foundation was chosen this year and received a very generous donation!

Frank, the spokesman of BOFF, explained why BOFF has chosen the EFFA foundation out of all the other charities: ‘BOFF believes that the concept of EFFA is really well developed, comprehensive and above all, offers continuity. What really appealed to BOFF was the fact that the entrepreneurs of EFFA go to the locations of the projects themselves and set up a classroom and organize all matters concerning the functioning of the lessons. In this way the entrepreneurs will keep feeling responsible for the success of the realized projects. The commitment of the entrepreneurs is not temporary; it is continuing and improving the quality of local education through continued involvement. Simultaneously, the entrepreneurs experience other cultures and habits with different norms and values. This is instructive for the volunteers themselves and BOFF finds this also an important aspect of the concept of the EFFA Foundation. EFFA, good luck with the realization of the upcoming projects and the continuation of the existing projects!’

We are very grateful for this donation. We can’t emphasize enough that the projects that the entrepreneurs of EFFA are setting up, are only possible with the help of donations. Amongst others, this donation makes it possible that EFFA can start another project in the near future. We are currently meeting up and interviewing potential entrepreneurs that are willing to set up these projects. We will keep you updated about that, but is seems likely that the second project of EFFA will be launched soon!