O'Max Instruments


We are very happy to announce that Lian and Danique received the first donation for their project in Chiang Mai from O’Max Instruments! O’Max Instruments is a supplier of precision equipment in the Dutch optics market. The company was founded in 1993 and counts 15 experienced employees. They don’t aim to become the biggest, but they aim to be the best in offering total solutions for their customers. The company’s success is the result of their high quality and innovative products in combination with providing an optimal customer service.

According to director Maurits Noordman from O’Max Instruments;

Today it’s very important as a company to focus on the less fortunate people and developing countries in the world. Next to the daily focus on our own results, it is also important to focus on sustainable and social entrepreneurship. O’max will help the less fortunate where possible and is therefore pleased to support entrepreneurial charity organisations such as the EFFA foundation.

Maurits decided to contribute to the EFFA foundation because he thinks there cannot be enough help for the less fortunate children in the world. “The whole global community must defend and protect them every day. This is reflected in the mission and goals set by the EFFA foundation. We are proud to contribute to a better future perspective of less fortunate children throughout Southeast Asia!”

EFFA is very thankful to O’Max Instruments for their contribution. It is a great start of the new projects and it will provide EFFA with the possibilities to set even bigger goals and achieve them!