Entrepreneurs Remco and Daniel visiting a learning center in Tianyar, Bali

EFFA is looking for new entrepreneurs!

After almost 5 months of hard work on Bali, entrepreneurs Daniel and Remco have turned EFFA’s first project into a great success! They managed to set up a perfect classroom, realized a sustainable English lesson program and implemented the EFFA Talent Sponsorship Program. In this way, EFFA contributes to a better future perspective for the 72 children who are living in Seeds of Hope Children’s Home. But besides their help for the children, it was also a life changing experience for the entrepreneurs and they learned a lot about the true values of life.

As mentioned earlier, this is just the first project of the EFFA foundation. In the nearby future, we want to expand our activities to other orphanages in Southeast Asia that also need help in the area of education and sports & games. As you may have read on our website, Daniel and Remco travelled through Southeast Asia in search of other suitable orphanages where the EFFA foundation could offer its help. In Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, they found two very lovely orphanages that could really use the help of EFFA. Later on during their journey, Daniel and Remco were fascinated by a children’s home in Siem Reap, Cambodia. At all the orphanages we had very fruitful meetings with the management. They all pointed out that they are desperately in need of help in the field of education and sports & games.

For an orphanage, to be a suitable place to implement a project by the EFFA foundation, it must satisfy a number of conditions. First of all, the children’s home should be able to provide all the children with their primary needs; food, medicines and shelter. Only after these primary needs are fulfilled, will it be proper for EFFA to start thinking about education and sports & games. Secondly, EFFA strives to give its projects a personal touch. By focusing on Children’s Homes with less than 100 children, the entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to get a real bond with all of the children. Besides the characteristics of a children’s home, the geographical location is also very important for the success of EFFA’s projects. For hiring skilled local students to fulfil the role as a teacher within the lesson program, the children’s home should be located nearby a university. Involving local students is a perfect way to make these projects sustainable. And last but not least, the orphanage and the city in which it is located should be a nice place to stay with a pleasant atmosphere. All of the three orphanages that the EFFA foundation wants to help satisfy these conditions. They are all really lovely places to stay and EFFA’s help will be a great contribution to the future perspective of the children.

To realize a project at one of these orphanages EFFA is looking for entrepreneurs. Because carrying out such a project is a challenging job, we are looking for a team of at least 2 entrepreneurs who are available for 4-6 months (of which 2-4 months abroad). It takes great responsibility and organizational talent to set up a sustainable lesson program. That is why we are looking for entrepreneurial minded students with a hands-on mentality. Motivation, dedication and the capability of speaking English fluently is a must. Being an entrepreneur for EFFA gives you the chance to really make a difference in the lives of less-privileged children in Southeast Asia. Besides that, it’s a great way of developing your entrepreneurial skills in an international environment.

So, do you have the skills and the mindset to take on such a challenging and rewarding project? Do you want to undertake this life-changing experience? Then we look forward to meeting you! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.