De Poort

Rave & Geef!

To collect money for the project concerning Care Corner orphanage, Brasserie the Poort has opened its doors for EFFA to organize a benefit party. Brasserie de Poort is located in one of Leiden’s last city gates. The building may be historical, but de Poort is ahead of its time. Lights in all different colors are a definite eye catcher when you enter the brasserie. For over a decade, young and old love to come to de Poort. Of course in the summertime when the terrace at the water is open, but also in the winter, de Poort is a lovely place to spend your time. The spacious ‘Poortwachterzaal’ is an ideal room to have a party. Live music or a DJ, plenty of opportunities are there.

What, when and where?

Rave & Geef, this Friday, the 29th of March, from 22:00 until 03:00 in ‘Brasserie de Poort’ in Leiden. Tickets cost only 10 euros.
You get five hours, four Dj’s and a whole lot of fun! Not only will you have a great Friday evening, you will also support EFFA, seeing the money that will be raised will go for 100% to the Care Corner orphanage project.

Tickets can be bought by making a deposit of 10 euros to 8901542 A J Gravendaal AMSTERDAM.

See the facebook event for more information.

Hope to see you Friday!