Teun with the kids of SoH

We would like to thank entrepreneur Teun Broersen!

Teun was an EFFA entrepreneur for one month. He flew over to Bali to help Remco and Daniel. Read how he experienced to be an entrepreneur for the EFFA foundation.

Teun joined the founders of EFFA on their first project at orphanage Seeds of Hope Children’s Home. We started from scratch on and had to explore the possibilities and difficulties at SoH. Teun’s hands-on mentality, entrepreneurship and enthousiasm were of great help. In this article we look back at the achievements during Teun’s stay and we asked him to tell about his experience as EFFA entrepreneur.

When Teun arrived in Denpasar it was time to start the English lessons and explore the opportunities for EFFA Foundation to contribute to SoH. The EFFA entrepreneurs acted as a team and used the English lessons to show their persistence and enthousiasm. And it was, especially for Teun who just arrived, a great way to get to know the children. Teun: “A day after arriving at Bali I met Remco and Daniel. I was immediatly taken away by their enthusiasm and we started organizing and preparing the first lesson.”

After being introduced to the orphanage and after the first few lessons Teun showed us his entrepreneurial skills. Already after one week we started to discuss a long-term, sustainable lesson program, a sponsorship program and the building of a classroom. Teun: “I was part of a team and it was a pleasure to work together with the other EFFA entrepreneurs. They were very open-minded and when needed critical to new ideas. Together we found the creativity to achieve a lot in only one month of time.”

Together with Teun we developed a sustainable lesson program in which we realised a cooperation with the local university. We selected students who are able and motivated to teach English at SoH. Teun created a sponsorship program in which EFFA is going to sponsor the university tuition fee of one orphan a year. He also showed his hands-on mentality, which EFFA desires from an entrepreneur, with the re-building of the classroom. Teun:“It was a joy to set up new projects and to be able to really exploit opportunities. We found the courage to just take the steps we found necessary to build a sustainable education program at SoH. It’s really exciting to just walk into a university one day and find yourself building a sustainable lesson program the next day. I would recommend every student who is entrepreneurial and social-minded to walk the path I have walked in the last month. I’m sure that the enthusiasm and experience of Daniel and Remco will lead to other succesfull EFFA projects. Hereby I would like to thank EFFA for giving me the opportunity to really make a difference and create opportunities for less fortunate children.”

The EFFA foundation would like to thank Teun for all his effort. We appreciated his hands-on mentality and all his ideas towards helping the orphans such as the EFFA Talent Sponsorship Program. With his pro-active behaviour and ingenuity, Teun was a great contribution to the progression of this project.

Do you think you have got what it takes to become an entrepreneur for the EFFA foundation? Are you entrepreneurial and do you want to help orphanages throughout South-East Asia? Then don’t hesitate and contact us!