Botlek Stores - Seamen Shops

WIFI for WIFI thanks to the Botlek Stores!

Recently we received great news from one of our sponsors, the Botlek Stores. The Botlek Stores has instore WIFI-hotspots to provide internet for its customers. Peter Dekker, manager and owner, came up with the generous idea to donate the revenues that comes forth out of the use of WIFI by its customers.

This is great news for the EFFA foundation because with this monthly donation we can achieve even more for the underprivileged youth in Asia. A part of this donation will be used for our first project in Bali, Indonesia. We can now offer internet, also through WIFI, to the orphans in the Seeds of Hope Children’s Home. With access to the internet the orphans can make use of online learning material and other online educational material.

We want to thank the Botlek Stores for their generous sponsorship and this great initiative.

See their website for more information about this initiative.