Care Corner Orphanage

Care Corner Orphanage

Care Corner orphanage was founded by Ricky Tan and Lay Hwa in 1995. Ricky started serving full-time in 1982-1985 with Christian Care Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He participated in a disciple training school with YWAM in Singapore and later served as an associate pastor in Full Gospel Assembly in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for several years before coming to Chiang Mai in 1993. He studied Missions and Theology at Bethany College of Missions (U.S.A) from 1985 to 1988 and earned his degree in 1988. Lay Hwa was a school teacher in Singapore before her marriage to Ricky. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Singapore, followed by an education diploma. The goal of the ministry is to provide spiritual development based on the bible, basic education, primary health care and the utmost moral guidance for the children as they grow up.

The orphanage started off with 28 children. Currently 45 children, of which 8 are HIV positive, are living in the orphanage. The kids ages vary from 3 to 18 years old. Many of the children come from families devastated by drug addiction, AIDS or broken homes. The orphanage also provides shelter for girls who would otherwise be lured into prostitution. To help these children obtain a bright future, EFFA wants to start an English lesson program at the orphanage. A room will be refurbished and transformed into a classroom and teachers will be hired to teach the children English. EFFA will also organize activities for the children such as football, taking the children swimming and so forth. The entrepreneurs are looking forward to this project very much and with great enthusiasm!

4 augustus 2013

The project at Care Corner Orphanage has been successfully completed!

The time had come where I had to say goodbye to the children. We all watched one […]

21 juni 2013

A long search has come to an end: we found English teachers for both Chiang Mai projects!

A lot has happened over the past couple of weeks. The teacher we initially wanted to hire […]

28 mei 2013
Care Corner Orphanage

Lots of Fun and Learning at Care Corner Orphanage

The last couple of weeks we (Floor and Amy) taught the children English 4 times a week. […]

3 mei 2013
Care Corner Orphanage

Entrepreneurs Amy and Floor started their project at Care Corner Orphanage!

Entrepreneurs Floor and Amy finished their first week at Care Corner Orphanage. Last Saturday they met Ricky […]

28 maart 2013
De Poort Brasserie

Rave & Geef!

To collect money for the project concerning Care Corner orphanage, Brasserie the Poort has opened its doors […]

3 maart 2013
Care Corner Orphanage

Let us introduce to you Amy, Floor and Nicklee!

EFFA’s newest entrepreneurs Amy, Floor and Nicklee are going to set up an educational project at the […]