Im Jai House

Im Jai House

Imjai House was founded years back with passionateness from 3 persons whom started with 500 THB or US$200. They had 15 children at start but now have 40 children in their ministry.

The Imjai House helps children between the age of 6 and 20, whose parents died from AIDS by showing them how to receive the love of God and by providing an education so they can develop their skills to earn for living and allows them to become self-supportive. Being part of a family and given a quality life so they will become members of society and contribute their capability back to their society.

At the present, most of children are teenagers, time for discovering themselves which they required a role model to follow. Imjai House will try their best to support them along that path.

Mission of Imjai House:

The children who come to Imjai House quickly realize they have become members of a loving and caring family through dedicated staff and opportunity to receive the highest education they aim for.

The goal of Imjai House is to help each of the children growth development and become good productive members of their society. When they are ready to leave Imjai House, they will be healed physically, mentally, and emotionally, they will have established good Christian moral standards, and they will be ready to become outstanding Thai citizens and assets to their community.

Imjai House’s objectives fall into four areas:

• Spiritual—Teach children to know and love God and develop Godly morals. The children attend a Christian school and worship together.
• Social—Train children in proper conduct, develop concern and respect for the elderly, and compassion for the less fortunate. They visit the poor hill tribes, ministering to them through praise songs.
• Educational—Provide children education and training. The students receive lessons in English, music and computer, in addition to regular schooling.
• Health—Provide physical and dental checkups and counselling to deal with the

The entrepreneurs of EFFA will support the Imjai House on each of these objectives and will contribute directly to the educational part by setting up a sustainable educational program!

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