Our friend Lizan at Seeds of Hope

Lizan, a friend of EFFA, spent a couple of months volunteering at Seeds of Hope Children’s Home in Bali, Indonesia. With the financial help of the EFFA foundation she organized a fun day of Sports & Games and a beach day for all the kids! This is what Lizan told us about these fun days:

“I have been working at the children’s home “Seeds of Hope” for 4 months now. The children play outside a lot but they never play with all the children at the same time. Together with the children and the other volunteers we thought it would be fun to organize a whole day of games so all the kids could play together.

We thought it would be nice if we divided the kids in teams and they could compete with one another. Because we did not have the funds to buy all the articles we needed for the Olympic Games I asked the EFFA foundation if they could help us out. After a generous gift we could buy tennis rackets, footballs, puzzles, water pistols and snacks for the children. We planned the Olympic Games on a national holiday so all the children could participate. We played games like peanut tennis (the children had to get the peanuts in a small cup by using tennis rackets), making a puzzle while being blindfolded and their team had to give the player pointers on how to complete the puzzle, shooting at cups filled with water using water pistols and we ended with a quiz.

It was so nice to see all the children having fun together and really getting motivated to be the best team. The children worked so well together and it was good to see the older children helping the younger ones. Days like these are special for these children because they don’t get to do things like this very often. After the Olympic Games we still had some money left so we decided to take the children to the beach. Even though these kids live in Bali, a day at the beach is a special occasion. The kids  where catching little crabs in the sand, playing with the waves in the sea and watching people from all kinds of nationality’s walk by. It was a lovely sight to see. These two days brought so much laughter and joy to the children.  I really hope we can do this again in the future.”