Panti Asuhan Destawan

Panti Asuhan Destawan

The orphanage Panti Asuhan Destawan was founded by Ketut Suterisna, a 42 year old teacher. The orphanage is situated in Northern Bali, nearby Singaraja and Lovina. In 2010 a Dutch couple, Frits and Diana, accidentally ended up at this orphanage while looking for another one. At that time there weren’t a lot of facilities at the orphanage. The children were living in a house that was half-built without windows, doors or electricity. Water came from the river nearby. The children slept on the floor and had one mandibak, a big tank with water, to clean themselves. Despite these poor conditions, the orphanage was able to provide food, a place to sleep and the opportunity to go to school for the orphans.

Frits and Diana were touched by the kids and decided to start helping them by improving the facilities in the orphanage. Since then a lot has changed. First they hired Mèmè to help Pak Ketut, the owner of the orphanage, to care for the children. They also started building a new house, a dorm for the boys and two dorms for the girls. Furthermore, they installed electricity and running water. And they’ve put ten bunk beds in the dorms so that the children didn’t have to sleep on the moist floor anymore, and they have built two bathrooms.

When Frits and Diana first arrived, there were thirty boys and twenty girls between the age of seven and eighteen. A lot of them came from Java. They were, like their parents, condemned to work on the rice fields because there was no money to send them to school. The orphanage also provides shelter to kids with parents who are not able to provide their children with a good and healthy future.

Because of the big efforts Frits and Diana have put in, the living conditions in the orphanage have improved a lot. The primary needs of the children, such as clothing, food, shelter and hygiene are taken care of. Although the kids go to school, their chances for a good and independent future may still be amended. Because tourism is such an important economic sector in Bali, improving the English of these children directly increases their chances for a career.

And that’s where EFFA comes in. Tettje and Emma will go to Bali for three months to set up a sustainable English teaching program, working closely together with Frits, Diana, Mèmè and Pak Ketut. Everyone is looking forward to the project with great enthusiasm!

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