2016 in Sawan – and a glance into the future!

Just like last year, it’s time to give you a short update about our project in Sawan to start off the new year. Unfortunately, we did not have time to visit Bali in 2016, but we keep in close contact with Anni, Ade and Ibu Ari. They keep us up to date and thanks to their great efforts, the project is still up and running.

Through messages, photos, videos and even letters, we can keep track of the amazing improvement some of the kids are making. Anni and Ade make sure that there is great variation in the classes. The type of exercises range from speaking exercises to listening, writing and even acting! In mob-conversations they learn how to interact with strangers, while by writing birthday cards and letters to us, they improve their more intimate social skills. And of course, they bring a big smile on our faces J.

All in all, the English lessons are a huge success! So great even that Pak Ketut, the owner of the orphanage, decided to invite people from the surrounding village for the lessons from time to time. We are only happy to hear that now even more people can enjoy the classes and improve their English.

But aside from the English classes, a lot has changed in 2016. Our teacher Ade found a great job in Denpasar as a training and event manager for an international company and Anni got married to her love Ell last November. And just last week we have got the amazing news that she is pregnant. Congrats Anni!

However, since Anni is pregnant and Ade has a demanding new job, it is time for us to start thinking about recruiting new teachers. We are currently sending out an advertisement in order to find one or two new students, who can soon start taking over some of the lessons from Anni and Ade. Although it is a bit hard to manage everything from 12.000 kilometers away, we are confident that with the help of Anni, Ade and Ibu Ari, we will be able to find the right people. And if we do, you will be sure to hear from us. Until then, all the best for 2017!

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