A day at Menjangan Island with the kids of Panti Asuhan Destawan

We have learned again: time flies when you have fun. Our final week has already come with the kids on Bali. Saying goodbye will not be easy, so to make it a happy week, we decided to take all the kids, teachers and other people that help in the orphanage to Menjangan. This small Island in the North-West of Bali is part of a national park and besides the fact that it is home to a special Hindu temple, the reefs surrounding it also make it one of the most beautiful snorkeling spots on Bali.

The crossing harbour for the island is quite far from Sawan, so many children had never been there before. Three buses picked everybody up at 6am to make sure we would be at the island before the hottest hours of the day. All kids were wearing beautiful traditional clothes to go praying in the temple. We crossed the sea to the island with some traditional fisher boats and walked around the island to say prayers at several places in the temple complex.

The sun was already getting warmer and warmer, so after a nice Nasi Goreng on the beach, everybody was really excited to go swimming and see some fish. Snorkelling was completely new for everybody and some of the kids were a little scared at first, especially when they saw the steep reef wall, ascending deep down in to the dark blue water. But after a while they got more relaxed and were happily enjoying the colourful fish and corals just fifteen meters of the shore.

While we were resting  on the beach, we even spotted two deers – the only inhabitants of Menjangan Island. After eating some snacks, it was time to pack everything up and find the boats to go back to the harbour. The three hour drive home was a quite one, since everybody immediately fell asleep, exhausted from this amazing trip.

We really want to thank Ibu Ari and Pak Ketut for helping us arrange everything, because they put a lot of time and effort in this. Altogether it was a great and special day. We will remember this for a very, very long time!