An update from Panti Asuhan Destawan

As we are slowly progressing into the new year, we thought it would be nice to give you all an update on our project in Sawan. 2015 has been a great year again: not only is the project still running successfully, but we also found the time and means to make a short trip to Bali and see the progress with our own eyes.

Soon after arrival, we found that we would not have to worry about anything. As we already mentioned in our last update, the project was still up and running, almost as if we never left. With weekly classes and a well-kept classroom, we had the luxury to enjoy our time with the children, playing around and having fun.

In the meantime, seven months have gone by. Although Anni and Ade both found a regular job after graduating from university – congrats!! -, they both give up their spare time to teach in Sawan. We keep receiving pictures of a decorated classroom, many happy faces and school reports that show very good English grades. So concerning the teaching project, there is very little to worry about for us.

We are especially happy with the fact that Anni and Ade do not prepare conventional school classes. They are extremely innovative in finding ways to teach and motivate the children to practice speaking. Creativity is well integrated into their classes: the kids sing songs, make drawings and perform little plays during the drama sessions. Anni and Ade keep us up to date with pictures and recordings and we receive the cutest posts from time to time. For example, for Tettje’s birthday the kids wrote her birthday cards, decorated with beautiful drawings.

And we also received great news about the three oldest boys in the orphanage. Pager, Sumada and Renata started studying in Denpasar last year. With the help of Pak Ketut, they have received a scholarship to study at the private institute Primakara, based in Denpasar. The boys do not only follow IT courses, but also receive further English education. It is insane to read their messages to us on Facebook: their English has improved so much. Last week they told us that they have to study hard, but that they are learning a lot and are very happy that they got the opportunity to go to university.

Altogether, we are so proud of all the children from the yayasan, on their motivation, endless effort and progress. We are very thankful to Anni and Ade for still teaching with such enthusiasm. And of course to Ari, who is always ready to help out and keeps us well-informed. We are looking forward to another successful year for our project. Keep up the good work everybody!


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