Ari in Belanda!

On the 3rd of May, Schiphol Amsterdam Airport got to welcome three very special guests: Ibu Ari, her husband Gede and their daughter Elvina. They came all the way from the village of Anturan, to visit our small and very cold country.

Ari and her family are very good and important friends for the EFFA project in the North of Bali. They put an insane amount of their spare time in helping the orphanage in Sawan, where Emma and Tettje started an EFFA project last year. Since then, all kids in this Hindu orphanage get English classes every week. We are very happy to see that the project is still up and running, and must say that this would not have been possible without Ibu Ari and Gede.

Besides helping Emma and Tettje a great deal, during their time on Bali and afterwards, Ibu Ari is an indispensable super power for the orphanage in general. She helps allocating the donations that come from Holland through the foundation of Frits and Diana, makes sure the laundry is done every week, pays regular visits to see how all the kids are doing, organises internships for the high-school students, keeps everybody in Holland up to date, brings by fresh fish or chicken and helps wherever needed. With all this, her husband Gede helps out a lot too, driving visitors and donators around and keeping an eye on all the kids.

Because of all this great effort, Frits and Diana decided it was time to thank these loving people big time. They gathered friends, family and many other people with a warm heart for the orphanage, and together they arranged tickets to Holland for Ari, Gede and Elvina. It did not stop there: they made sure they could stay a full month, having enough time to truly get to know our country from every angle.

And of course, Emma and Tettje themselves wanted to show their gratitude to Ari and her family. As two real Amsterdammers, they decided to take upon a complete weekend in the capital city. Emma and her boyfriend Pieter opened up their home so the three visitors had a beautiful apartment in the centre of Amsterdam and Tettje flew in from Zurich to spent the weekend together.

Walking around the old centre, crossing the lake to Amsterdam Noord, baking traditional pancakes, taking a boat tour around the canals and eating some haring: Emma and Tettje tried to make sure that Ari and her family got to see as much as possible from Amsterdam in this weekend. On Friday night, the whole group was invited by EFFA for a nice dinner together in a nice Italian restaurant in the Westerpark. Such a great contribution, thanks EFFA!

After a time that was – as usual – too short, we had to say bye to Ari, Gede and Elvina again. As the weather was not really living up to the title “spring” yet, we decided that it was cold enough to finish this great weekend with a proper Dutch meal: Andijviestampot met rookworst en (lots of) jus. Miracle: they all loved it.

We want to thank Frits and Diana a lot for organizing this amazing journey to Holland, of which we were happy to be a small part. Everybody from EFFA, and in particular Emma and Tettje, hope that Ibu Ari, Gede and Elvina enjoyed their stay in Holland and the short weekend in Amsterdam. It will never be enough to equal the endless effort that this great family keep putting into our orphanage, but we hope it was a good beginning. We enjoyed your visit a lot, and can’t wait to see all of you soon on Bali again.

Sampai jumpa!!