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Emma and Tettje back to Bali!

This summer we, Emma and Tettje, decided to go back to Bali. We missed the kids and were very curious how the English teaching program was going. Happy to have the opportunity, we contacted Anni, Ade and Ibu Ari to tell them they were coming back for two weeks!

The first evening we came back to the orphanage, it really felt like coming home. The kids gave all kinds of performances : dances (modern, Balinese and even Indian), little plays and singing – all done in English. After this great show, we enjoyed a lovely Indonesian meal made by Meme and Anni and Ade brought a delicious piei for dessert there. It felt so good to be back again!

The days after we mostly did a lot of playing with the kids: badminton, colouring, manicures with the girls (and the boys for that matter) and at the end of each day we played the usual volleyball sets with the older boys. Of course, we came back to see all the kids and have fun with them, but we also wanted to see how the English teaching program was going. We quickly noticed that the progress of some of the kids was enormous as they were telling all kinds of stories in English about school and their friends. The most striking to us was that all the kids always tried to speak in English to us, even if they couldn’t find the right words. Anni and Ade are doing such a good job in teaching the kids and, almost more importantly, the kids still love going to the classes.

Although the classroom looked more or less the same as we left it, it was good that we were there to do a big clean up with the kids and to make sure all school supplies were restocked again. We found, Balinese style, some computers that don’t even work and a printer dated back to 1925, but besides these minor details the class room was in very good shape!

All in all we were very happy to see that everything is still going great in the orphanage. Anni and Ade are almost graduating but at this moment they are still very happy to teach the kids and seem to have enough time. Anni even got a fulltime job already, but she wants to keep teaching in the yayasan on her free day. When the time comes they will help us find new teachers for the orphanage. It is really amazing to see how much the kids have learned, and how eager they are. It was a great trip we will definitely not forget!


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