Meet Anni and Ade, the new English teachers at Panti Asuhan Destawan

We would like to introduce you to Anni and Ade, the new English teachers in the orphanage! Aside from doing nice things with the kids we have been busy looking for English teachers so we could start making the English teaching program sustainable. In the beginning, since the kids were very eager to learn English, we also gave some classes ourselves but fortunately we were able to find Anni and Ade so the program could really start.

In the house in Panji we were staying first we heard that kids from the village get English lessons every Sunday morning from a student called Anni. The next Sunday morning we saw Anni teaching the kids and we really liked her. We talked to her about the job in the orphanage and she said she and a friend, Ade, would love to teach in there. Anni and Ade are studying to become English teachers at the Ganesha University in Singaraja. They are in their third year now, and would like to gain more experience in teaching English.

They first visited the orphanage with us to meet the kids. We made a schedule that would work for both the kids and for Anni and Ade. The kids have English class once a week on Friday or Saturday for an hour. Because all the older boys in the orphanage have to work in the rice fields after school, the option for more classes is not realistic. We made small groups with a maximum of five kids in one group, so the kids get enough attention to practice their English. We found out that the kids already have English in school, but the problem is that they never speak English. The main focus for the classes therefore will be on speaking English, rather than on reading and writing.

Last week it was time for Ade and Anni to give their first lessons. Immediately after class the kids ran up to us to tell that they really liked the new teachers and the English class! It is really nice to see that their English is improving so quickly now. We are looking forward to the next classes!

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