A new teacher at Panti Asuhan Destawan!

Let us introduce to you… Ketut Rafika, the new teacher for our project in Panti Asuhan Destawan. With Anni almost due, and Ade busy with her new job, we are happy to have found Rafika to take over the English classes in the orphanage.

Rafika is a student of the Ganesha University of Education in Singaraja. She is currently in the eight semester, writing her graduation thesis. The reason Rafika chose to major in English and specifically to become an English teacher, is that she finds it challenging but entertaining at the same time. As she told us, her goal is to “transfer knowledge and skills in a way that is fun and exciting for the kids.” Besides teaching English and working with children, she loves to dance, and secretly, she dreams of being an international make-up artist, traveling the world.

After Rafika started teaching in Sawan at the beginning of April, things settled quickly. She is now teaching twice a week and just like Anni and Ade, she varies her classes from practicing conversation, to vocabulary games and small drama plays in English. We are very happy to receive positive updates from Sawan and to see the first photos of the classes, showing many smiles and happy faces.

Once again, a big big thanks to Anni and Ade for their effort, this time in helping us find a great new teacher. We welcome Rafika to the EFFA family and we are looking forward to this new chapter!


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