Swimming lessons for the kids!

A day at the pool with Seeds of Hope

For the past four weeks Britt and Sharona, two entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, stayed with us to organize Sports & Games for the children from Seeds of Hope.  For example, they helped the children with making bracelets out of shells and baking brownies and pancakes. Last Saturday they helped organizing swimming lessons for the children at the local swimming pool.

Since the moment we announced that we would go to the pool on Saturday, all the kids were very excited and told us that they really love swimming. Most of the kids have never learned how to swim so they were looking forward to the lessons which Britt and Sharona had prepared. To give all the children enough attention during the lessons, we divided the children into 4 groups of 20. With each group we spent 2 hours at the local pool where we reserved 3 lanes for Seeds of Hope. Britt and Sharona showed all the kids how to swim and we assisted them with the lesson.  After that Remco, Teun and Daniel took the more advanced swimmers to the other side of the pool to teach them how to dive. Finally there was time left to play around and go on the waterslides and jump from the diving board. Britt and Sharona brought some ‘drop’ and ‘stroopwavel’ (Dutch snacks) which the children really enjoyed.

The day at the pool was a huge success and it was heartwarming seeing all the kids having so much fun. Besides that, you could really see the benefits from the swimming lessons because at the end of the day most of the kids were able to swim a short distance without our help. We want to thank Britt and Sharona helping us with the organization of these activities. We will definitely take all the kids to the pool again to continue the swimming lessons and play around in the water.