Surya is the winner of the EFFA sponsorship program!

And the winner of the EFFA Sponsorship Program is..

It has been a while since we have told you about the EFFA Sponsorship Program. Through this program EFFA will grant one scholarship to one of the orphans that finished high school last year and wishes to go to university.

The last weeks, entrepreneurs Remco and Daniel had the difficult task of deciding which of the seven children should be sponsored. During this decision different factors like motivation, feasibility and background, were taken into account. In collaboration with Fitri, an Indonesian study counselor, they could finally make the decision.

The winner of the EFFA sponsorship program is Surya! Eighteen year old Surya loves cooking and wants to become a chef cook. He aspires to work on a cruise ship after he graduates to save up money. Next, he wants to use the money he saved to open his own restaurant in Bali. That’s why he wants to study Food & Beverage at the Udyana University in Bali. Surya is a friendly, honest and helpful person and wants to use the money he will earn in the future to help his family, such as his younger brother Wira, who also lives at Seeds of Hope Children’s Home.

The EFFA foundation will finance the entire study fee for his Food & Beverage study. In addition, EFFA gave him a motorbike so he has transport to get to the Udyana University. Surya will write a monthly update about his progress during his study to keep us updated.

We are very happy to give Surya this huge opportunity and it was heartwarming to see the look in his eyes when he heard he could go to study and pursue his dreams. We like to emphasize once again that also this wouldn’t be possible without the financial help of our donators. So on behalf of EFFA and especially Surya, thank you very much!