Beau, a friend of EFFA is currently helping at Seeds of Hope!

Beau is the newest friend of EFFA and is currently staying at Seeds of Hope to check on the educational program that EFFA set up in 2012 that is still running today. In this update Beau introduces hereself and explains more about why she wanted to volunteer for the EFFA Foundation:

“My name is Beau Welberg and I am 23 years old. I live in Amsterdam and I am studying clinical developmental psychology. I love to work with children and at the moment I have a job as a tutor at ‘De Studietuin’. That means I teach children from the age of 6-12 year in any kind of school subject they need.

My interest in working with children already started when I was young and when I did a lot of babysitting. In the last couple of months of my study I found out that I prefer to work with the really younger ones. I find it very interesting the way they think and the way they express their selves. So I would like to learn a lot more about that.

One way of broadening my horizon would be to do some volunteering. So that’s how I started my search for a suitable organization. I already decided that I  wanted to go to Asia, but I didn’t know anything about volunteering. Then I could only find big and expensive organizations and that was certainly not what I was looking for. After asking around, I heard of EFFA via myfriend, Myrte, who traveled through Asia two of years ago and met Remco and Daniel, the founders of the EFFA Foundation, in Thailand. She told me that EFFA is a small and personal organization and the guys who founded it are really friendly and are doing great work for kids throughout Southeast Asia. After speaking with Remco I got really enthusiastic and I really wanted to contribute to the good work that the EFFA Foundation is carrying out.

Because of my job as a tutor I could go to SoH and have a look at the current state of the English education program that EFFA set up in 2012. So Remco and Daniel asked me to compose an English test for the teachers and the children, so I could find out more about the English level of both of them. Furthermore, I was also asked to have a look at the study material and the computers in the classroom.

I am happy that I can contribute to the foundation and the children of the orphanage this way and so far it has been a great experience. I will keep you updated about the work I am doing here!”