Day at the beach with Seeds of Hope

Three years after setting up the durable lesson program at Seeds of Hope together with Remco, Daniel went back to visit mama Sandra and all the sweet kids. Together with Hedda, friend of EFFA, Daniel spent two days at the house to play with the kids and organize a fun day at the beach.

‘It was great to see all the kids again after so long, it really felt like coming home. It made me very proud to see how much the kids have progressed with their English and I am happy that the EFFA Foundation was able to contributed to that with the English lessons that are still taking place.

The first day we had lunch and dinner (deliciously prepared by Citi) at the house and played with all the kids. Hedda and I talked with them about what they have been up to and what they want to be when they are older. It is very inspiring to see that even the younger kids have a very clear vision about what they want to achieve in life and they know exactly what to do to achieve that. So cool to see how the smaller kids have grown and were now being big brothers and sisters to the newer and younger children and setting the right example. In the evening I participated in an English lesson that was given by one of the teachers that is hired by the EFFA Foundation.

The second day we took all the kids for a day at Sanur beach. As always, the kids were stoked to go and already packed their bags with beach stuff and toys and getting ready sitting in the car way too early. Hedda was immediately taken up in the big family and all of the older girls already called her their sister. At the beach everyone had a lot of fun, playing soccer, swimming and looking for interesting sea creatures in the see and talking about regular boys and girls stuff. Of course the kids were treated with lots (too much?) candy and sodas! Late in the afternoon we drove back tired but satisfied. Back at the house City made the kids favorite food, Pizzas and fried chicken (oh so delicious!).

And then it was time to say goodbye already. The two days flew by because we had so much fun. It is always hard to say goodbye to all the kids at Seeds of Home that feel like family. But I am sure that I will come back very soon. Thank you for everything Seeds of Hope!’