English Lessons

It’s time for some big steps!

The EFFA entrepreneurs made some big steps! By realizing the classroom they designed a very suitable environment for English- and computer lessons. The only things that were missing were teachers, a computer guy, study materials and a course outline. In fact, a lot was missing. But, Daniel and Remco managed to put the puzzle together. In this update you can read what the guys have been doing and what is happening in Seeds of Hope right now.

Back in the days when entrepreneur Teun Broersen was still on this lovely island, he came up with the idea to contact some local universities, which might be a breeding pool for suitable English teachers. After some research and email contact, we scheduled a meeting with Politeknik Negeri Bali in Jimbaran. After a very interesting first meeting, we knew this was the place where we could find the teachers for the English lesson program.

The dean of the school found 15 students who were interested in the job. So we scheduled a morning to do all the application interviews and to find the most motivated and suitable students. Out of these 15 students we invited 3 students to give one demonstration lesson at Seeds of Hope. Besides Politeknik Negeri Bali, we invited 3 students from another university, which has a department for English teachers.

Six days in a row there were demonstration lessons from each applicant. With a critical view and backed by our Australian friend Kate, who happened to be a teacher in the past, we judged every applicant. Out of the six students, Feny and Mira were by far the most talented and suitable teachers. Coincidentally, Feny used to live in Seeds of Hope. This made her even more motivated and gives her the chance to help the children who are in the position she once was.

The next mission was to find a good supervisor who can check Mira and Feny and who can be responsible for the attendance of the children and the materials. Also, EFFA needs an intermediary for communicating when the entrepreneurs are back in the Netherlands. As usual, the right person was at the right place at the right time.

Irwan already lives in Seeds of Hope for a couple of years and has become a responsible big brother within this huge family. He is currently studying to become an English teacher and already has a lot of experience in teaching. During the stay of Remco and Daniel, Irwan has already been very helpful in a lot of ways. Fortunately he accepted the job offer as a supervisor and now EFFA has a really good and reliable team for the English lesson program.

Together with Irwan, Daniel and Remco designed books for three different levels. By dividing the children into groups, judged by their level of English and age, the entrepreneurs made a schedule for the English lessons. Finally, after four months of big effort, the sustainable lessons could start!

Currently, EFFA provides an English lesson program for the 72 children in Seeds of Hope Children’s Home. Also, EFFA offered 3 Balinese students a good job and pays them a good salary. Now they are still looking for the right guy to give the children computer lessons. Daniel and Remco want to emphasize the fact that they couldn’t do this without the help of all the people that they met and helped them. This includes all the people who are sponsoring the foundation or made a donation in the past. So on behalf of EFFA and the 72 children, thank you!