The first English lesson for the girls: The Human Body

Let the English lessons begin!

Two weeks ago we started our English education project. Our goal is to create a sustainable program to learn the kids from Seeds of Hope to understand, read and speak English. By sustainable we mean that the program has to continue after our departure in the end of August.  We know this is an ambitious goal but we are going to do this step by step and luckily we got help from three other entrepreneurs, Teun, Britt and Sharona.

This week we started with the introduction lessons. To determine the level of skill of the kids we designed a short lesson about the human body. For the lessons we made small groups of 5 children so we  could give every child enough attention and determine their difficulties and strong points concerning the English language. We still have two classes to go before we can start dividing all the kids into three groups, ranked by their level of English. Meanwhile we are working on the creation of three English education programs, each suited for a different level of English. The three programs will all be focused on speaking, writing and listening. To support our program, we want to use different kind of materials such as English music, television, books and games.

Furthermore we are working on a database which contains the profile of every kid. In this profile we  do not only discuss the difficulties and strong points of that particular kid but also his or her hobbies and  what occupation he or she has in mind for the future. In this way we can create a certain way of teaching that will be beneficial for their future perspective.

During the first few lessons we already noticed that all the kids are very eager to learn and are really enthousiastic when it comes to studying. Even after the first lessons about the human body, we already saw an increase in their English vocabulary. This shows us that we can really contribute something to their development. Beside these things, they are also very grateful towards us. A ‘thank you’ after each lesson makes it even more enjoyable teaching these children and we can’t wait for the weekend to be over and start teaching again.