Playing futsal with the boys

Let’s play Futsal!

The last couple of updates about EFFA’s first project were all about the educational aspect of the project. But besides education, EFFA also believes that sports and games have a direct influence on the happiness of the children. So this time no update about the new classroom, the teachers or the entrepreneurs. This time we talk about Futsal!

It has become a true habit at Seeds of Hope Children’s Home. Every day at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, just when the sun is behind the trees, the boys of the orphanage gather at the square next to the house to play soccer. Of course, our sporty entrepreneurs are always excited to join the young, gifted mini Ronaldo’s. Unfortunately, the square is often dotted with many little rocks which make playing soccer on your  bare feet a little uncomfortable. Daniel and Remco had a better idea. Let’s play Futsal!

The boys told Daniel and Remco that some of the boys were in a Futsal competition so they were already familiar with the sport. Some of them are even ridiculously good at it. One of the boys, Candra, made a reservation at the local Futsalclub for two hours.

So Daniel and Remco gathered all the motorbikes at the orphanage and everyone who was allowed to drive one and they were ready to go! After the boys were divided into teams, they played a little tournament, replaying Euro 2012. And this time the Netherlands did make it to the next round.

When everybody was exhausted, the guys insisted on playing a final match, their all star time versus the volunteers. The stakes were high (30 push ups), so it had to be firework. After a thrilling match, the game ended in a draw! Daniel and Remco promised the guys to do a rematch, so we made another reservation for tomorrow! The boys from SoH are already talking about it all week so we are really looking forward to tomorrow.

Check ourfacebook page and website to see who will win tomorrow’s tournament. We will also keep you updated about our other sport- and games activities with the children from Seeds of Hope.