Meet Linde & Merel – new friends of EFFA!

Since EFFA is still pro-actively running all current projects – new people get engaged and involved along the way. Project Seeds of Hope Children’s Home which was set up by Daniel & Remco in 2012 now receives support from new friends of EFFA Linde (25) & Merel (20).

Linde and Merel are studying Pedagogy at the HAN University of Applied Science in Nijmegen and are in Bali for their internship. Through the big network of the EFFA Foundation they found out about the project at Seeds of Hope Children’s Home. After a Skype interview, the enthusiasm grew from both sides and it was clear that Linde & Merel were the perfect persons to re-boost the project within Seeds of Hope Children’s Home. Their enthusiasm combined with their hands-on mentality are perfect to re-structure the English lesson program and boost the program in the right direction. Furthermore, their educational background will provide new insight for the English lesson program and will consult the teachers on teaching & the way of working.

Initiated by Daniel & Remco, this project evolved in many ways. New children are coming in where others left Seeds of Hope Children’s Home. There is a new classroom and Irwan (ex-coordinator of the program), has appointed three new teachers (Julius, Eddy & Sari). Furthermore, Mima is taking over from Irwan as a coordinator since Irwan left the Children’s Home and is moving on. Fortunately, Irwan is still supporting the program and is always there to help out!

After Linde & Merel first investigated the structure of the program it became clear there were a lot of things for them to do. First of all, the classroom was no longer suited for the English lessons and needed to be re-organized. With the help of the children they managed to give life to the new classroom and set the platform for the new structure of the program. The next thing that has to be done is to investigate whether all material is still up to date and which material might need to be replaced. Studying Pedagogy at the HAN will for sure be very beneficial since they know what material is suited and how it should be applied.

Since the three teachers are new and have a different point of view when it comes to teaching, Linde & Merel will schedule multiple meetings with them in order to find an appropriate way of working and introduce new methods which can be applied by the teachers. In this way, the English lesson program will be in optimal condition again and be more effective.

Below there are already some snapshots of the progress made by them so far and the results are already quite promising! Again, the EFFA Foundation is very happy to be supported by these enthusiastic & skilled girls! Any update on their work and of the project will be shared on the website and on the EFFA Facebook page!


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