The Class- and Computer room at Seeds of Hope

The class- and computer room at Seeds of Hope Children’s Home is finished!

Time for a new update!

Since the last update about the EFFA Talent Sponsorship program launch, a lot of things happened here in Bali! The EFFA entrepreneurs made big steps towards realizing the English lesson program. In this update you can read about the progress the guys made!

It all started in a room full of junk and trash. When we visited Seeds of Hope for the first time, the children showed us a room where three computers were installed. It is quite a big room but more than half of it was stuffed with trash, garbage and other useless stuff. We didn’t see it as a junkyard, but as a potential classroom/computerroom.

After a big clean-up, with the help of many children and friends, we managed to get the room practically empty. We were surprised about the size of the room and with a little bit of imagination this would be the ideal classroom for the English lesson program! Once the room was empty, the painting could start. Joey, the surf teacher of the boys in Seeds of Hope, offered his help with this big task. It took us two whole days to get the room plain white and as good as new!

After the painting, we could start furnishing the classroom. The first thing we needed were new desks and chairs. Together with a couple of boys from Seeds of Hope we went to the Carrefour in Kuta and bought nice desks and colorful chairs. While the boys of the house were busy assembling the furniture, we went to the biggest computer store in Denpasar to buy new computers and monitors. Feeling like Santa Clause we went back to the orphanage and surprised the children with 3 computers, 4 new screens, a white board, a new router for the internet, a fan, maps of Bali, the world and Indonesia, a new printer, a nail board and a big bookcase.

After all the furnishing was done, the wiring could start. This was more difficult than we expected. Fortunately, an old orphan who lived in Seeds of Hope a couple of years ago, had studied computer engineering and offered his help. So with the help of Suparta, it was a piece of cake to get the computers and internet working. He even offered the EFFA foundation to give computer lessons to the kids in the new classroom!

Besides the classroom, we are currently looking for suited Balinese students who can fulfill the role as an English teacher in the orphanage. Politeknik Negeri Bali, an university is interested in starting a cooperation with the EFFA foundation. We already talked to a number of their students who are interested in becoming an English teacher at SoH. An update about the selection process of the English teachers will follow soon.

We, and all the children, are very happy with the new classroom and about the things that we have done so far. Nevertheless, we want to emphasize the we can only do these things with the help of donations and sponsors. That’s why we would like to thank the Botlek Stores from Rotterdam again for continuing sponsoring the EFFA foundation. Without these kind of sponsors, it is impossible for the entrepreneurs of EFFA to help children throughout South-East Asia. Things as a classroom, computer lessons and English lessons contribute to a better future for the children.

Do you also want to help the EFFA foundation or do you have any ideas in what way you can make a contribution? Don’t hesitate and sent an email to Financial help is always more than welcome so find out how you can donate!