Eline and the kids

Eline’s sports & games program at Seeds of Hope Children’s home

At the end of May, entrepreneur Eline flew to Bali to volunteer at the Seeds of Hope Children’s Home for one month. Here is an update she wrote about the activities she organized and her experience:

My first impression was that I was part of a very loving family who all took care of each other so well. It took some time before we got used to each other. In the second week we took the kids to the beach in Sanur and I brought some games and toys to play with. This was a lovely and fun day and most important, the children were smiling all the time!

I spend every day at the orphanage from one to seven o’clock to play with the kids and help where it was needed. During this time, I was also busy trying to organize the main activity, the surf day with the kids. There were some struggles to find the right people to co-operate with, but luckily I found the Soul Surf Project Bali who were happy to help!

During the third week, I organized a Futsal competition for the boys at the nearby Futsal field. The boys helped me organize this day by making teams and communicate with the rest of the kids. It was a great success and I was actually surprised how good they could play just by teaching each other and practice at home. They really missed playing competitions because there are some renovations going on around the orphanage, so they can’t play at home at the moment.

My last week was all about getting the surf day together. It was a struggle to get everything done in such a short time. But Rodney from Soul Surf Project Bali really helped me out with this and in co-operation with RipCurl, we managed to get enough surf teachers and a driver to pick-up the kids. So on my last Saturday we had two groups of around 15 kids who got professional surf lessons from RipCurl at the Double Six Beach. The kids had a lovely and instructive day. The surfing went really well and after some struggling they could already catch waves! Some boys even joined a talent group at the Soul Surf Project after this day and will receive more surfing lessons in the future.

I was really happy and proud that I could be of a small but valuable contribution to the development of these wonderful and smart kids. I really learned a lot from this inspiring place and I hope the kids did too. The work that the EFFA Foundation is doing at the orphanage is really wonderful and the children and Sandra and Tommy are so grateful for this. I can only say: keep up the good work!


Futsal with the boys!

Surfing lessons!

Surfing lessons at double 6 beach!