Remco and Daniel with the children of Seeds of Hope

The story of Seeds of Hope

For the last 4 months we, Remco Does and Daniel de Leau have been setting up a project at the Seeds of Hope Children’s Home in Bali, Indonesia. This project has been very successful and we like to emphasize that this wouldn’t been possible without the help of you, the friends of the EFFA foundation. In this update you can read about everything we were able to achieve concerning Education and Sports & Games.

First of all, the EFFA foundation transformed a decayed and unused room into a brand new class- and computer room. By doing this we wanted to create a suitable location where the English- and computer lessons could take place. We cleaned up the room, and repainted it. When this was finished we purchased all the materials that were needed for the lessons. Among others, desks, chairs, a bookcase, a whiteboard, a pin-up board, computers, a printer, notebooks, writing materials, educational posters and various maps were purchased.

Now the classroom was finished, the next step was to set up a sustainable English lesson program. For this we went looking for suitable English teachers and developed English educational books. We visited a Balinese university to find Indonesian students who were capable of teaching English to the children. After a meeting with the dean he gathered 20 students who were willing to apply for the job. After we conducted an interview with each of them we choose 6 students to give an English demonstration lesson at Seeds of Hope. Out of these 6 students we selected the two best students, Feny and Mira and offered them a job as English teachers at Seeds of Hope Children’s Home.

We developed the English educational books in collaboration with Irwan. Irwan lives at Seeds of Hope Children’s Home and is studying to become an English teacher. Together, we developed books for 3 different levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Also, we designed an English test that the children had to take so we could divide all of them in 3 different groups. We offered Irwan, a very responsible and clever young man, a job as coordinator of the program and supervisor of the classroom and all the materials. He is responsible for all matters relating to the lessons and materials. He is also our contact person now we are back in the Netherlands. Now the materials were completed and the right team for the job was put together it was time for the lessons to start. At this moment, all of the 72 children have weekly English lessons. As a computer teacher we found Supartra, an old resident of Seeds of Hope who studied IT and offered his help for free. Thanks to Supartra all the children have weekly computer lessons where they learn to work with Word, Excel, internet and other programs. Thanks to our Indonesian team of teachers all the lessons will continue, even after we left to the Netherlands.

Besides the English- and computer lessons we developed a talent sponsorship program. Out of all the children that finished their high school this year, we choose one for whom we sponsored the complete study. With the help of Fitri, an Indonesian study counselor we conducted interviews with all the children that qualified for this talent sponsorship program. During these interviews we took into account competency, background and motivation. In the end, we choose Surya, an 18 year old boy who will study Food & Beverage on EFFA’s costs. Besides that we granted him a motorbike to make the daily journey to- and from his university. With this sponsorship he has a considerable better chance on a bright future. Especially in Bali the Food & Beverage study is from great value because you can find a lot of restaurants and hotels.

Next to our educational projects we have done a lot concerning Sports & Games. With these activities we also received help from Indonesian peers. For example Dea, a Balinese make-up Artist organized a make-up workshop for the older girls from Seeds of Hope. For the boys, we organized a weekly futsal tournament in a fancy football hall. We also organized trips to the beach and the local swimming pool regularly.

In short, we were able to realize a lot of good things for Seeds of Hope Children’s Home during our stay in Indonesia. Sandra, the head of the orphanage thanked us multiple times and stated that with the sustainable English- and computer lessons EFFA really has a great positive impact on the future perspective of the children.

Besides our help, the children also taught us a lot. It was a life-changing experience to live close to these children. Even tough they are less privileged, they are all very positive and happy kids, enjoying every day of their lives. This taught us to look at life in a completely different way and focus more on things that really matter. For this we like to thank all the Children of Seeds of Hope. We are really grateful that we could be part of this big happy family for almost 5 months.

The EFFA foundation is planning to set up similar educational programs at other orphanages throughout Southeast Asia in the near future. During our search for orphanages that could use our help we found suitable locations in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Siem Reap, Cambodia. Currently we are looking for students who are willing and capable of setting up these projects.

Besides that, we will be busy gathering the required funding through attracting new donations and organizing events. These financial resources are essential for the realization of the future projects and the sustainability of our program at Seeds of Hope.

Kind regards,

Remco Does en Daniel de Leau