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The EFFA foundation is totally dependent on your support. Without the help of external people, EFFA would not be able to realize the projects for the orphans throughout Southeast Asia. Your (financial) support enables the entrepreneurs of the EFFA foundation to provide the children homes and orphanages with sustainable educational programs. Supplies needed in a classroom like books, computers and other things have to be provided by EFFA. Your financial  support also helps us paying the local students that teach the orphans and the supervisors that make sure the lessons will continue after the the entrepreneurs leave. Furthermore, (financial) support is needed to set up Sports & Games activities that bring happiness to the youth of Asia! You can help the EFFA foundation in numerous ways. On this page you can find how!


The EFFA foundation is a non-profit organization. This means that all the entrepreneurs that operate for EFFA work on a voluntary basis and that all the money that is raised, is used to set up projects that benefit the children for 100%. Your financial support makes the realization of the projects and our help to these underprivileged children possible. Do you support our mission and goals? Then help us by making a donation to:

Bank: ING
Account: 5259995
IBAN: NL24 INGB 0005 2599 95
Name: Stichting Entrepreneurs for future Asia

Please make sure you use our full name: ‘Stichting Entrepreneurs for future Asia’. Using abbreviations (like ‘stichting EFFA’) will possibly cause some miscommunications.


Do you want your business to comply with its corporate social responsibility? In other words: do you want to contribute to our cause with your business and also attain a large positive exposure? Companies that support EFFA are shown on our website with their logos and direct links to their homepages. In this way, your support works both ways. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested or if you have other ideas on how your business can support the EFFA foundation.


EFFA operates according to our 100%-policy. This implies that every euro that is raised, benefits the children. As mentioned before, the entrepreneurs of the EFFA foundation are volunteers so all the additional costs are paid by themselves. EFFA does not take on costs like housing, traveling costs or other costs that are not related to the project. All the investments related to education and sports & games will be done by EFFA.


Do you think you’ve got what it takes to set up a project in Southeast Asia? Do you want to help these underprivileged children in your own way and undertake  this life-changing experience? Do you share the mission and goals of the EFFA foundation? Don’t hesitate and contact us!


Do you think EFFA is a good initiative and you want to support us? Your help is only one mouse click away! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! In this way our reach is much bigger and EFFA will be able to grow. Besides, you will stay up to date about all the developments concerning the projects, the work of the entrepreneurs and the foundation!



Here you can find an overview of all our sponsors. Click on a logo to visit the company’s website.


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